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Thanks for using Email This. I hope you find this service useful. I made this tool when I was looking for a simple "email me this link" service without the overhead of installing separate apps. I couldn't find anything that met my needs, so I built one myself. I spend a lot of my time and energy working on it and improving the offering. 

I would be highly grateful if you could make a donation of $2/month to support the development and maintenance of Email This.

Pay $2/month (or $19/year)

Pay what you want

I thought the service was free. Why should I pay for it?

Yes, Email This is a free service. You are welcome to install our bookmarklet or browser extension for free and save articles for later reading.

However, if you find continued utility, please consider making a donation of $2/month (or $19/yr - that's about 5 cups of coffee). This will help me pay the bills for maintaining and hosting this service.

The major monetary expenses involved in running this service are the server cost and the cost of email delivery. Apart from this, development and maintenance of Email This takes up a lot of my personal time and energy

While it is rewarding to see people use my app on a regular basis, I would be grateful for your monetary support. 

How much should I pay?

That is entirely up to you. I have started a "Pay what you want" campaign. The recommended amount is $2/month, but you can choose to pay anything upwards of that. 

Pay $2/month (or $19/year)

Pay what you want