How To "Send Link or Web Page" By Email In Chrome

Here's a quick guide on how you can easily send web links and full web pages (including PDFs and images) by email (or Gmail) in Chrome Browser.

Step 1: Download the Email This Chrome extension

Email This is a free Chrome extension that lets your save complete web pages and links to your email in one-click.

Download "Email This" Chrome extension for Free →

Email This removes ads, distractions and crufty sidebars from a web page and sends a cleaned-up, readable view of the page to your email inbox. You can then open up your email inbox and read your saved articles whenever you want.

chrome Email This Page

Step 2: Send Web Pages and Links to your email

chrome Email This Page - One Click

Send Email in One-Click

When you find an interesting article, click the Email This button. Email This will extract the main text and images from that article (it removes ads and distractions) and sends you a nice email that you can read later or share with your friends.

chrome Email This Keyboard Shortcut

Keyboard shortcut (hotkeys)

Email This comes with a nifty keyboard shortcut to make saving web pages easier.
Hit Ctrl + Shift + U (on Windows/Linux) or Command ⌘ + Shift + U (on Mac) to activate Email This and send the current page via email.

Right-click and save links

Right-click and save links

Right-click on a link and choose "Email This" to save the contents of that link. Similarly, right-click anywhere on a page to save the current page via email.

chrome Email This Keyboard Shortcut

Works on mobiles & tablets as well!

Use the 'Share' menu in your Android/iOS device and send an email to [email protected] with the link you want to save. ET will open the link and reply with the contents of that page in a few minutes. It's that simple!
Click here for a better explanation.


Over 40,000 people use EmailThis everyday to save interesting links and articles to their email inbox. Email This is rated 4.8/5 with over 200 ratings.

Makes saving articles so simple, especially when I don't need them saved forever, but just want to read later or forward to others without making them click through.
I really appreciate the ads and other distractions being stripped from the article.

Carol Yates

Carol Yates (on Chrome Webstore)

This extension is long overdo. Why bother with other read article extensions when this one send the article directly to your email.
What's more, this extension even takes articles from those frustrating SLIDE SHOW websites.

Richard Krenzel

Richard Krenzel (on Chrome Webstore)

Note: Please add [email protected] to your email address book to ensure that your saved bookmarks don't get accidently sent to the Spam/Junk/Promotions folder. Alternately, you can also create a separate folder for your bookmarks.